Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garden Protein Feeds Appetite for Meat-Free Diets

For many, eating a meat-free diet is more than a dietary choice, it is a way of life. This does not change depending on the size of one's paycheque. A vegetarian is a vegetarian. So for those living on low-income, finding a balanced diet that fits withing budgetary limits can be even more challenging. 
On July 20, Quest became the happy beneficiary of 10,000 pre-made, meat-free meals from Garden Protein International. Garden Protein International is committed to the communities in which they serve, especially British Columbia where they are based. "We’re pleased to donate healthy meat-free food to Quest Food Exchange and applaud its ongoing efforts to reduce hunger in our region," says a company representative.
Starla, one of our volunteers and clients, takes opportunities such as these to stock up her fridge. "Purchasing meat free products from Quest  allows me to maintain my values, as well as meet my healthy lifestyle," she says. "Its great to have pre-made meals."
Garden Protein International ( makes an award-winning line of tasty, high-protein plant-based foods that are good for you and the planet. Our premium line of meat-free foods made with vegetables, grains and plant-proteins (pea, soy, wheat) is marketed under the gardein™ brand and sold across Canada and the United States in the 'produce cooler' and 'freezer' at thousands of natural food stores and grocery stores. gardein™ foods are free of animal and dairy ingredients and have zero cholesterol, and many of their foods provide a good source of fibre and are low in fat too. That’s why they like to say Goodness Grows!

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