Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet Draya, Volunteer Office Assistant

I like Monday mornings.

I get up and out of the house earlier than most days. It’s easier for me to leave when I have somewhere to get to that I enjoy being at. Monday is my Quest day. I come at 10am and my friend Starla is usually already there.

Starla and I share a common Job Developer at Gastown Vocational Services (who told me about her other client she thought I’d get on well with), but it wasn’t until I had been coming to Quest for a few weeks that I actually met Starla. We have a lot in common and our friendship grew quickly. She’s like a sister to me. We get together and talk, cook and eat.

After saying hello to Kyle, Starla and others in the office I take my camera and wander around the warehouse and store taking photos of volunteers or the food. I’ve always loved taking pictures and I appreciate being able to do it and have them serve a purpose- and , of course, be seen.

Today Kyle said I get to blog too, about whatever I want. Woohoo! This may well be the best job I’ve had! I appreciate the flexibility, being creative, having the opportunity to take initiative, the opportunity to accomplish something and make a positive contribution, and most importantly to me: I feel valued in a way I never have at any paid job.

After a 4 hour shift Starla and I go home, each of us carrying a couple bags of groceries we buy with our volunteer voucher. Often we go to her house or mine, unload our groceries, have a snack and yak it up for a few hours.

Quest is about distributing food in a new way. Community is the people around you and sharing food is a vital aspect of community. Quest is about so much more than food, it brings people together and changes lives for the better.

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