Friday, July 23, 2010

Starla's Tips Keeping Cool on a Dime

Come summer we are all a bit sweaty and could use a refreshing treat.

Right now Quest has some great organic Banana and Strawberry juice and Peach Nectar. They also usually have frozen bananas on hand in the store, and Tofu dessert.

You can take all of these ingredients and throw them in your blender to make an icy blended drink.

There is no need to add ice since you are using frozen fruit.
For the kids, use the juices and blended fruit to make home made Popsicles. If you need to find the plastic container to make them in, check out your local dollar store or second hand shop. The up side is that your not feeding you or your kids refined sugar and food colour. You are feeding them the best food this earth offers, full of essential vitamins and minerals and protein to keep the body healthy in this hot weather.

I loved it when my mom would do this for my sister and I.

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