Monday, August 23, 2010


I used to go camping a lot, but camping costs money and i haven’t had enough to spare for a few years to go anywhere. This year things are a little different and i’ve made plans to go camping this week. I still don’t have a lot of money so i tried to get all the food for as little as possible. As a Quest volunteer, I have been using my the vouchers I receive in compensation for my shifts, to buy stuff that would pack well.

The goal is to get the most nutrition and taste while carrying as little as I possibly can. It also needs to be easy to cook, filling and full of taste!

Most of my food came from Quest:
chips, marshmallows, tomato paste,spices, tea, true lemon, hot chocolate,
peanut butter, taco seasoning packet, almond milk, hummus, flatbread crackers, chocolate chips, bumblebars, spicy nuts, almond milk, and dried apples.

I plan to cook using two methods. I don’t have a “proper” camp stove, and by that I mean a gas powered device like a coleman (they make me nervous anyway). Instead I went supercheap and old school. I built a hobo stove and buddy burner using a giant can (from peaches i bought at quest a few months ago) and some smaller tuna cans. I used an old huge candle to fill the cans.

I’ll take photos of it and will let you know how it all worked out. Well I’m off and home to do a final pack. See ya in a couple of weeks.

Written by Draya, Quest Volunteer and Client

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