Thursday, September 30, 2010

Families at Quest

Quest offers unique bonuses for families: bulk packaged items provide multiple servings, and prepared meals are great for lunches and snacks to go.

Recently I have moved from renting a room to sharing space with my sister and her kids. I'm not just shopping for one person but looking for things to contribute to family needs. I will be able to take advantage of the larger items that Quest sells. Two gallons of canned fruit will be burned through in a few days with teenagers and their friends around. Some of the pre-made meals can contribute to lunches and quick meals for my sister who is also a part time student.

One teen in the house loves to cook. I'm hoping I will be able to expand his cooking repertoire and skills by showing him how to use resources like Quest. I'm also glad to have the kids see the impact volunteering makes on the individual and the community.
Written by Starla, a Quest volunteer and client

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