Friday, September 10, 2010

From The Straight - "Urban foraging..."

Calling all food distributors, wholesalers, stores, restaurants, farmers, etc: food is going to waste, and there are many hungry people in Vancouver.

As reported in the Straight (, there is more than enough food going to waste for freegans to have a healthy meal. According to the article (and by our own reseach), "a great quantity of food routinely gets thrown out at all stages in the food system in our society: by producers, retailers, and consumers."

While grocery shoppers demand (and rightfully so for the money they are spending) food that is at the premium of freshness and quality, anything else is often disposed of as it is passed over in store. This food, if not donated winds up in the dumpster even though it likely posesses nutritional value that many low-income families require.

The Straight acknowledges that "organizations like Quest Food Exchange and the Vancouver Fruit Tree Project exist to distribute and divert food headed to the landfill," though "some still gets sent to the Dumpster."

We at Quest appreciate all the support from our partnered food vendors in making sure excess food doesn't go to waste. We do know though that there is a lot more work to do.

We welcome calls from all vendors in the region. Quest owns and operates a feet of vehicles. We do our own pickups so that you don't have to pay for disposal. Quest has frigerated and freezer space, so we can also pick up fresh produce. Not to mention, we also provide tax-deductible receipts for the value of your donated goods.

Our Marketing Coordinator, Pardeep, is waiting for your call. 604-602-0186.

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