Monday, September 27, 2010

Hive of Activity

Usually my time at Quest is calm and uneventful, which is how I like it. Friday was not a typical day at Quest.

There were about 30 extra bodies all doing different things.

We often have corporate volunteers in the office, just not so many at one time. Friday was "Impact Day" for Deloitte; every desk and phone in the building was manned. Some volunteers were working upstairs in the office preparing postage for the upcoming newsletter.

This task is usually done by regular volunteers over a period of a few weeks. I am certain that I wont miss doing it this time. Thousands of envelopes need to be labeled, return addressed,stamped and stuffed for with the most current newsletter.

Downstairs a crew of volunteers were culling pallets of raspberries for all the stores to sell. I sat with them for a period of time chatting while they carefully examined basket upon basket of fruit for spoilage.
They asked me questions about how Quest works and who comes in to shop. I did my best to answer questions about where the food comes from and how we distribute it.

I also saw the corporate volunteers working hard to get the shelves stocked and some also breaking down large packaged items for individual sale. I would like to thank all of the people who came in to volunteer for us, I realize how much of a departure it is from their normal lives of accounting and business management.

Also today we had a film crew in working on a promotional video for Quest. I have had the opportunity to be filmed three times now on behalf of Quest. I never would have thought about doing interviews for televising before I became involved with Quest. The film crew and I did an interview in the shipping dock stacked amongst the boxes of beets and shortbread cookies heading out to our other stores.

I am thankful for the opportunity to speak about having Quest as a resource. I honestly do not know how I would feed myself without this organization. I know that I am not alone. I see hundreds of people each week doing the same thing I am, just trying to survive. In fact about one in the afternoon a group of 20 new clients came in to check us out and get their Quest Cards.

That is just one part of what Quest offers. The best and biggest parts are the skills that I am learning here, I am able to attain knowledge that I would not usually have access to.I am honing my skills in order to return to the workforce while being in a supportive and positive environment. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Thanks Quest :)

Written by Starla

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