Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quest in BC Hydro's "Green Your Business" Section

Found on the website of BC Hydro:

Businesses generate a significant amount of organic food waste also known as food discards. Major generators of discarded food are restaurants, supermarkets, produce stands, school cafeterias, hospitals, hotels, employee lunch rooms and community events... reduce the amount of waste your business sends to the landfill, minimize the impact that your business makes on the environment and potentially cut costs by reducing the volume or frequency of trash collection.

For the last 20 years Quest has continued to rescue non-marketable food (overstock, mislabeled, misshapen) that would otherwise wound up in the landfill. There is plenty of healthy and nutritious food that becomes classified as "waste" long before it actually expired as part of regular business operations.

Thank you BC Hyrdo for recognizing us on your website as an alternative in food management (

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