Friday, October 1, 2010

Beet and Potato Roesti

4-6 med. beets, about a ½ cup when grated
2 small potatoes, scrubbed
salt and pepper
4 scallions, chopped
½ cup flour
1 tbsp butter & 1 tbsp olive oil

Trim and scrub the beets then peel them. Grate them into a medium bowl. Start preheating a large skillet over medium heat. Working fast, so they don’t discolour, grate the potatoes into the same bowl as well. Add the salt, pepper, and scallions and combine well. Then add the flour a few tablespoons at a time until well combined.

Melt the butter/oil into the skillet until it foams. Put the mixture into the middle of the pan and flatten out with a spatula. It should be a centimeter or thinner. Cook for 8-10 minutes until nice and crispy.

To flip it over, place a large plate over top and flip the frying pan over then slide the Roesti back into the pan. Cook until the other side is crispy about another 8 -10 minutes.

Serve hot or at room temperature in sliced wedges with green onions on top. You might like to dollop some sour cream or plain yogurt on each slice.

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