Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Draya visits a Quest Partner: Carnegie Community Centre

I rarely get sick, but was wrapped up in my blankets last week feeling like death. I had to call in and cancel my shift here at Quest. Thankfully the symptoms didn’t persist for long and by Wednesday was feeling better enough to go for lunch at the Carnegie.

I was a little early so was fairly near the start of the line. I was meeting a friend from my Friday volunteer gig, a staff member at UBC learning exchange, a high school classmate from Victoria. She arrived a few minutes after 12 and the line began moving shortly after.

The Carnegie has two choices for lunch every day, one with meat and another that is vegetarian. I like meat a great deal but the meat dish had mushrooms in it and I’m not so keen on them. I ordered the vegetarian choice of Butternut squash frittata and chose the garden salad over the potato salad. I ordered the vinaigrette dressing instead of the ranch. I also had a can of great soda

Prices recently increased with the price of the lunch entree coming to a whopping total of 2.25. I decided that I would not have room to eat the soup (Italian vegetable or another I can’t recall) but should you decide to it will only add 85 cents to the cost of your meal. Breakfast is just 2$ and most dinners are 3.25$. Baked goods/cake is 1$ and fair trade organic coffee just 50 cents.

The company was fantastic and we chatted about high school friends and the stuff we’re working on over at UBC. The sun was shining and the food was delicious. I had eaten most of mine before thinking to take a photo.

I used to eat there all the time when l worked nearby. The quality has always been exceptional and I love walking up the stairs that have been worn down with time. I haven’t really spent any time using or checking out the other services available At Carnegie Community Center but there are a number of them. There is a branch of the library, arts and recreation programs, senior are services and opportunities for volunteering. For more information check out the website:

Written by Draya, a Quest Volunteer and Client

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