Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quest First Impressions

Orientation came with a full tour of the 2020 Dundas location complete with the warehouse full of food, the loading bays, the chilly sorting room, storefront, and head office. Though it was early, all the people we encountered were smiling, all happy, and they were just working away at their tasks as though there was nothing else they’d rather be doing.

Kyle explained housekeeping stuff like dress code and volunteer’s safety and support. He joked that he had wanted to wear his Canucks jersey but couldn’t because he had to give us a tour. There is no dress code, of course, so you may see a few of us in jerseys next time you come to shop, especially if it’s game day!

The casual friendly atmosphere at Quest made me feel immediately welcome and, furthermore, appreciated. Kyle, Starla, and Draya went out of their way to help me get on board with their team, showing me the ropes, and explaining how things work at Quest. Starla even took me shopping with her in the store so I could see firsthand what Quest is all about! She was like a kid in a candy store, so to speak.

My favourite thing about the store at Quest is the variety. I got the feeling there will be something new and different every time I go in there. It was all “Oh my goodness, GARLIC PASTE!!!” and “Yes! We got more of those delicious muffins!” Her excitement was contagious and it left me with a strong enthusiasm for the organization.

Tuesday is fast approaching and my first official volunteer shift at Quest comes with it, I am already looking forward to it.

Jos One,
A New Quest Volunteer

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