Thursday, November 4, 2010

Traditional Cooking with Food From Continental Importers Ltd

I prefer to use fresh ingredients but sometimes I just don't have them. This week at Quest I found some great stuff to restock on Italian style cooking supplies. Making authentic dishes mean using traditional products.

Some of the great items I found were: pesto paste, garlic paste, tomato paste, in foil tubes that can be stored in the cupboard until use and then thrown into the fridge. I prefer the tubes because they allow me to use a little or a lot, reducing waste because the containers are resealable.

There was a fantastic assortments of infused cooking oil, Rosemary, Lemon and Basil. With the Salsa Dust I found I made green salsa and served along side the pineapple chipotle salsa I bought. Available for purchase was a great selection of snacks including a few different kinds of Italian lady fingers and cookies, sparkling juices, and nuts.

Great finds !!

Thanks Quest.

Written by Starla, a Quest volunteer and client

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