Monday, November 29, 2010

W.E Kinvig Elementary School 4th Annual Christmas Luncheon

On December 3rd the gym at Kinvig Elementary will be transformed into a winter wonderland for its students to enjoy a special Christmas treat. This present doesn’t come with brightly coloured paper and a bow, but consists of a hearty traditional Christmas meal.

Quest and Fresh Direct will be supporting Kinvig with donations towards their special day. The event was started three years ago by support staff at the school, and has continued to grow in numbers, including over 60 students and staff.

The Christmas Luncheon was started to provide a measure of Christmas cheer to children of families that may not have the means to celebrate Christmas. The luncheon provides an opportunity for the children to connect with their peers, as well as to gain an understanding of what the true spirit of Christmas is. During the event children will spend some time writing thank you cards to the individuals who have donated to their Luncheon.

Many of the children enrolled at Kinvig come from single parent families, or families who have been affected by the recession, or recovering from other bumps in the road along the way.

“This gives these kids who work so hard to have a chance to be rewarded for their efforts,” says Sharon Hiegl, who is responsible for keeping this event going. “We bring in volunteers to serve and organize the event. No one has to help with the dishes when their done. It’s a real treat for the kids.”

Sharon is eager to let us know that all of the donations provided by Fresh Direct and others mean a lot to the kids in her school. “Sometimes kids just don’t have lunches. Usually there are left over donations from the other food programs that I can give them.”

Written by Stara, a Quest Volunteer and Client

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