Thursday, January 27, 2011


As an environmentally conscious citizen of Vancouver I am overjoyed to find Gardein products available for sale at Quest Food Exchange. While we are increasing our demands on the planet’s resources it is great to see socially responsible organizations like Quest and Garden Protein International, Gardein products manufacturer, collaborating to bring healthy vegetarian foods to those less fortunate. I never expected to be in economic hardship; however, since I am currently unemployed and under financial duress I feel blessed to have Quest offering the Gardein products in their stores.

The Gardein products are a delicious meatless, dairy free, vegan protein source which I have been regularly using for a long time. I am impressed with the variety of their product line and I love their convenience. Gardein products allow me to eat healthy while saving me “meal preparation time” that I can then use to focus on job hunting and learning new skills which I hope will help me to find a job in the near future. Whatever the future holds, I am grateful to Quest and Garden Products International for making this vegetarian protein available to those of us who are less fortunate. May your continued partnership be an example to those us in need that there is hope for a better future.


Ann Marie

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