Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cam and Gardein

It was great meeting the staff from Garden Protein International, GPI, at our 2020 Dundas Street location on Friday January 29, 2011. They are very nice folks who really care about helping others. I’m glad they got a chance to work with their own products and to hear some feedback about how their products are helping people here at Quest.

During their time here I was able to explain how the Gardein products benefit Quest’s members. For example, I have often spoken with Quest members about the nutritional value of the Gardein brand protein burgers and how they are a lower cost, protein rich alternative to feed to their children. Many of these members were not aware of the product or the advantages to its use.

I was so impressed with the Garden Protein International staffs’ enthusiasm for their products and for helping Quest members and staff understand their products. I look forward to the ongoing positive relationship between Garden Protein International and Quest Food Exchange.

Cameron Imayoshi
Store Manager 2020/346
Quest Food Exchange

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