Monday, June 20, 2011

Quest x Vancouver Farmers Markets

The folks at Vancouver Farmers Markets offer a great initiative for community organizations whose mandates pertain to food systems: Community Tables. These tables are booths just like the other vendors have, but no food is for sale. In true Farmers Market tradition though, there are still conversations started and information shared. Quest Food Exchange will have educational outreach booths at four markets this summer.

I worked the first Community Table at Trout Lake on June 11th. The Trout Lake location sees up to 5,000 people each Saturday! Everyone I spoke to (a fraction of the 5,000) was very interested in what Quest does and many wanted to know how they could help. I was happy to have these intrigued minds willing to listen to me wax poetic about Quest.

I personally enjoyed this opportunity to interact with people at the Farmers Market. I find that those shopping at the markets are generally inclined to care about food security, whether or not they know much about it at first.

There is always the continued struggle regarding ways to engage those who are not interested in food security. I believe it is important to talk to as many people as possible, and hope that they spread the word to friends who have yet to learn about how relevant this topic really is.

This outreach is not necessarily about Quest, but about being a part of the community. My goal is to make people think twice about their relationship with the food they eat. The more people who are informed, the better chance we have to make changes to our current food system.

Other Farmers Markets dates I will be at are the following:

June 22 at Main Street Market (3-7pm)
June 26 at Kits Market (10am-2pm)
July 2 at West End Market (10am-2pm)

If you can make it down to one of these markets, be sure to say hello. I’d love to meet you!

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