Thursday, August 4, 2011

Up for a Sustainable Challenge?

This post has been brought to you by Quest volunteer Kelsey. Another good one!

August is an exciting month here in the Lower Mainland. The sun is finally shining and the city has a stack of outdoor activities, events and other awesome opportunities for people to get outside, and connect with their communities. We at Quest encourage you to get out there and enjoy it! Summer has been predicted to be short and sweet so there is no time to waste.

What better way to make use of what summer has to offer than by taking advantage of the wide variety of fresh local produce in BC? Now is the time when summer fruit and harvest vegetables forge together to create an abundance of local food. Subsequently what better time to commit to eating locally! If you are looking for an event that can help you do just that we encourage you to check out and participate in the Growing Chefs: Eat Local Challenge on August 14th to 20th. This fundraising event is hosted by one of our favorite community partners, the Growing Chefs Project, and has been put together in order to reach their goal of raising $4,000 to support their upcoming Growing Chefs Classroom Gardening Projects in classrooms in the fall.

Growing Chefs is a classroom gardening project with the goal of providing children and youth in our community with the opportunity to grow, cook, and eat their own food. The program aims to promote a culture of food sustainability through incorporating urban agriculture projects into the classroom while encouraging awareness amongst urban children and youth.

The challenge asks participants to commit to eating locally from August 14th to the 20th in a way that they consider to be “do-able” and conducive to their lifestyle (although the 100 Mile diet is recommended, it is not mandatory). The challenge asks participants to encourage their family, friends, and colleagues to support their efforts through pledging a donation on their online profile. However it should be noted that although participants are encouraged to fundraise it is not necessary in order to participate. A pledge of one dollar spreading the word about the program as well as the larger underlining focus of food sustainability is all you need to take part in this exciting event.

If you or someone you know are interested in participating in this fundraising event, check out the Growing Chefs: Going Local website. So get a head start and register online today!

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  1. Growing Chefs, - what an amazing program to be discovered for children and youngsters !

    Indeed, everyone should know the basic elements of sustainable agriculture, and what better time to begin learning them then since we are young,

    the vital importance of these essential survival skills will become more and more evident as we ease our way into the 21st century,
    and prepare to tackle some of the most important challenges we are faced with in the Golden Age,

    growing the food and eating locally, mostly, or entirely, has always been a wise choice and a thoughtful decision to make, with future in mind, for any country or region ...

    eliminating the dependence for import is one of the major steps towards improving internal economy,

    which also allows for a higher quality control and raising the bar on standards and regulations for fresh and organic produce,

    all that with the main purpose in mind of bringing the freshest, healthiest garden fruits and vegetables to the table, at a fraction of cost and energy !

    The biggest problem with trying to grow our own food right in the middle of an urban city is the air and subsequent soil pollution any open-air gardens would be subjected to ..

    an ideal Solution ? , - to grow our food enclosed in a New-Age and Hi-Tech hydroponic gardens, likely built by us ourselves,

    or to build Wooden relax cabins, or perhaps even the Geodesic architectural variety, far outside the city with a nice area for soil designated,
    and do most of our growing there, just coming for a quick visit once or twice a month to check up on things and for the great and continuous harvest ! (;

    The main thing we should be focusing on in order to transform our beautiful urban city into and even more beautiful and functional Urban Forest, is researching and selecting the most appropriate and adaptive plants and trees for the outside streets and alleys,

    and medicinal herbs for the gardens and parks, to create the desired effect and feel by bringing out the wonders that is Vancouver and British Columbia and everything more it can and is striving to be,

    and of course last but not least - Photosynthesis !