Wednesday, November 2, 2011

General Operating Grants Received from Sook Ching Foundation and Marin Investments Ltd.

The Quest Food Exchange was recently the recipient of two generous grants for our general operating expenses. The first was from Sook Ching Foundation, who donated $5,000 and the other was from Marin Investments Ltd., who donated $3,500.

"We’re especially grateful for undesignated grants since this allows Quest to put the funds toward the area of most need" said Elizabeth Crudgington, Quest's Executive Director. She continued: "over the course of the year many unforeseen expenses arise and having these funds is a real gift to the organization."

The Sook Ching Foundation is a private foundation located in Vancouver that supports select organizations across Canada with an interest in education and health projects in developing countries. It also supports organizations which feed, educate, counsel, and set up health programs across Canada. Jessica Choo, President of the Sook Ching Foundation stated: "we’re pleased to help Quest with its general operating expenses; they are a proven organization with strong financial stewardship. We are confident that the grant will go in direct support of fulfilling their mission."

Marin Investments is a Canadian, privately-held, investment corporation located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Marin manages a diversified portfolio of assets consisting of private and public equities along with a variety of real estate projects on behalf of its principal owners, the Young family. The company has grown and operated successfully since its incorporation in 1952. Current and previous investment assets have been located throughout North America with a weighting towards western Canada and the west coast of the United States. Marin supports and is interested in pursuing the expansion of existing enterprises, merger and acquisition opportunities, and management buyout activities.

Thank you to both organizations for their continued support!


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